National Center for Lesbian Rights honchette Kate Kendell told reporters, “We're waiting for the absentee ballots to bail us out.

Pssst, Kate. Hell might freeze over first. Oh wait! You don't believe in Hell, do you?

Well, maybe after today, you will. You know what the old basketball coach said about losing. He said, losing is hell.

And you are a.



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Anonymous said...

Just came here to see who would be so bold as to call someone else a cunt on her blog simply because he has a different point of view.

Now I know.

You should be proud. Really. Way to sway hearts and minds with sound reason and logic.

JennM said...

I'm sure God is really proud of you. Preaching hate, calling people ugly names, that is exactly what I thought Christianity was about so you proved me right. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

About your comment on the Queenof Spain's blog:

Wow, way to be a hatemonger and totally send the message that you're a proponent of discrimination. It's intolerance like that that will never help us to progress as a nation. Love it or hate it, Prop 8 was and is all about giving EVERYONE EQUALITY. Because of the fear preached by you and so many others like you, loving couples are being discriminated against simply for wanting to be with someone who has the same plumbing. You should be ashamed of yourself. I know I'm ashamed for you and I don't even know you, and I hope I never have the displeasure of finding myself in your company.

Anthony Papillion said...

Hi Dale,

While I'm not in California, I did strongly support Prop 8 and encouraged friends and family in California to support it to. Yes, for me, it's a religious thing and I do hope that the proposition doesn't end up failing after absentee ballots are counted.

But Dale, I read what you read on QueenOfSpain's blog and it was disgusting, hateful, and absolutely uncalled for. I would think that, as a writer, you would have learned to express yourself without needing to resort to personal and vile attacks on random strangers. Maybe I'm wrong.

Dale, I have to tell you that whatever credibility you'd gained through your words here was lost in one single post on a strangers blog.

You should be ashamed.

Allyson said...

I'm sure God is deeply proud watching you vilify others in His name. I bet Saint Peter just reserved you a seat in the front row.

What I find interesting is the very Constitution that allows you the right to go to another blog and call the author a cunt is the same Constitution that allows all people "equal privileges" no matter what lifestyle they choose.

Maybe while you're brushing up on the whole "love thy neighbor" part of the Bible, you should read up on separation of church and state, too.

I love that Prop 8 supporters think this has been won. Sort of like that victory we done got ourselves in Iraq right now.

Jim Crow fell; this surely will, too.

playwrighter said...

Memo to Allyson, Anthony, Jennifer, JennM and the bold Mister Anonymous:

You gin-swilling, acid-sucking pieces of shit! You know what your problem is, assholes? You got too much fucking time on your hands. You should be out getting jobs, helping the economy, making money. But instead, here you are, jamming up the bandwidth with your lame comments. And guess what? You're keeping important people with WORK to do off. So fuck you.

Anonymous said...

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Dale Andersen said...

Thank you, Monsieur Anon. I agree. cool start

Anonymous said...

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Dale Andersen said...

Thank you, Anon. Yes, I am a vibrant writer.

Anonymous said...

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