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So....Barack Obama is almost there, just 45 delegates shy of the 2026 magic number. The voyage is almost over. Time for the Good Ship Obama to steam merrily into port, deck lights ablaze, ship's horn blaring, maybe even the fire hoses shooting streams of water into the air like they do at those tall ships events. All in all, it's time to party.

Just one little thing. Actually not so little. More than 2 million voters cast ballots in the Michigan and Florida Democratic primaries. And their votes are about to be....well, let's just say, they're about to be manipulated.

We all know the story. Michigan and Florida decided to move their primaries to the front of the line. The Democratic National Committee said, no, you can't do that. Michigan and Florida responded, "Just watch us." So, here we are with all these Michigan and Florida votes and the DNC is starting to sound like Katherine Harris (remember her?).

The problem for Barack Obama is, Hillary won those states. And if they count them, two things happen, both bad for him. Hillary gets more delegates and the bar gets raised from 2026 to 2118.

Oh my! Can't have that.

If they don't count them, Or if they work out some weaseling, behind-the-scenes, backroom deal, like counting half or giving the Michigan uncommitteds to Obama, then, as far as I'm concerned, Obama should re-register as a George Bush Republican. Because that's what he'd be.

Back in 2000, the Democrats were the ones screaming, "Count the votes! Count ALL the votes!" The same should apply here. Count ALL the votes!

And if the Democrats don't?

If I were John McCain, I'd make Robert Mugabe Barack Obama's running mate.

Dale Andersen

obama mugabe

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