I WISH I WAS TIBETAN.....a poorly-crafted poem about why bad things happen to people

I wish I was Tibetan
Not a Han or Man-choo
I'd say, "Now stop your frettin'"
I'd say, "Dalai Lama...who?"

I'd move like Michael Jackson
Yeah, I'd do a moon walk.
I'd look around for action
And I'd shake a big rock

I'd watch the flatlands tremble
Man, I'd see them all shake
I'd watch the buildings crumble
As the rain fills up the lake

I'd watch the water swirl
Watch the people run amuck
I'd ask 'em what the matter was.
I'd wish 'em all good luck.

If I was a Tibetan
Not a Han or Man-choo
I'd watch the sun a'settin'
But I'd leave the rest for you.


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