In November, 2005, I landed a role in Johnna Adams' wild ride of a play, The Sacred Geometry of S&M Porn.


Sacred Geometry had an all-star OC cast with cool people like Jill Cary Martin, Kerry Perdue, Scott Barber and Rich Kopps. I played a Dom and I had lots of lines. Here's what I looked like:

Not a pretty sight, huh?

OC Weekly self-appointed theatre asshole Joel Beers called my performance "very unfortunate," but hey, I'll take it.

It gets better. Johnna's play was nominated for a big award:

And the Nominees Are ...

Presenting the 2006 Orange County Theater Award nominees...

1 - Asian Acting, Aurelio Locsin, Rude Guerrilla
2 - The Land Southward, Darcy Hogan, Hunger Artists
3 - Love, Bukowski, Joanne Gordon, California Repertory Company
4 - Marat/Sade, Jeremy Gable, Hunger Artists Theater Company
5- The Sacred Geometry of S&M Porn, Johnna Adams, Rude Guerrilla

And the WINNER is.....drum roll.....Sacred Geometry!!! By a landslide. Wasn't even close.

I like to think I had something to do with it, despite Joel Beers.

Happily, my performance is saved for posterity on youtube

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Anonymous said...

Um ... actually, Sacred Geometry did not "LANDSLIDE" win this award. It actually SHARED the award with "The Land Southward" by Darcy Hogan. Whoops.

playwrighter said...

Stop with the lame, limp-wrist "um" bullshit, petunia. Next time, just say your piece straight-on and move the fuck on. And oh, by the way, have some guts and state your name...