In some of my previous posts, I mentioned that I once worked for the US government. That's right. I was a Fed. And working for the government is mostly boring work. Dull. Really, really dull. Dull workspaces, dull people, dull assignments. Don't let anyone tell you different.

But occasionally, very occasionally, something interesting happens. And if you're lucky enough to be there, it leaves a mark.

Here's my "something interesting." One of my colleagues was cheating on his wife. He and this woman (who, by the way, was cheating on her husband) would spend nights in a hotel room whenever they happened to be "on the road" together.

One night, sometime in the wee hours, she died. Or to put it another way, the next morning he woke up. And she didn't.

Hey, it happens. You just hope it doesn't happen to you.

And now for the mark it left. I decided to write a one-act play (without naming names, of course) on the subject of cheating, deception, betrayal, death. And, oh yes, honesty. Got to have honesty in there. Add a dollop of fantasy. Toss in a sprig of whimsy for good measure. And voilĂ !

I call it Dead Angel. And it will be produced by Write Act up in Hollywood in June and July...

Dead Angel DG

DEAD ANGEL - a short one-act play DEAD ANGEL - a short one-act play Dale Andersen Two cheating lovers spend a night of stolen love in a hotel room. They wake up, but one of them is dead...

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