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The final score on Prop 8 last November was: 7,001,084 aye, 6,401,082 nay. That's 600,000 votes short of the brass ring. 48%. And getting from 48 to 50 will be a bitch. Ask any policy wonk.

Truth to tell, 48% may be the high water mark. 48 may be as good as it's ever going to get. Let's crunch some numbers. In the last election, the whites split about 50-50, maybe 48-52 against Prop 8. It was among the Hispanics and the Afro-Americans where you had the big pro-Prop 8 percentages. Strange how homosexuals think of Latinos and Afro-Americans as their natural allies. As brothers and sisters in a common bond of oppression. Just another one of their fairy tales, I guess.

Looking to the immediate future, looking to kick off the post-Prop 8 season on something of a high note (and to get everyone's eye on the prize, I guess), California homosexual activists have some special events planned. One is called "Meet in the Middle" and it consists of a rally/demonstration/happening/whatever in Fresno, of all places.

Why Fresno? First of all, Fresno is in the Central Valley, at the geographical center of California. Middle, get it? Secondly, the Central Valley is California's "Bible Belt" and Fresno is the buckle.

Speaking of Bibles... Homosexual advocacy groups went to great lengths to blame the Mormons for Prop 8's success. And it's easy to blame the Mormons, easy to make them the bogeyman. Easy because Mormons don't hit back.

Fact is, the Mormons are a small cult with minimal clout. How minimal? They don't even control Salt Lake City anymore. The last SLC Mayor, Rocky Anderson, was about as gay-friendly as you can get. Nevertheless, California gays persisted in hammering home the fiction that it was Mormon gold and Mormon lies that turned the tide.

When in fact, the truth all along was Latino and Afro-American voters were the ones who did the damage. That's the truth, but truth is never the object when you've been kicked to the curb and you're looking for people to blame. So in the aftermath of Prop 8, you saw these massive angry gay photo-ops at the Mormon tabernacle in Westwood Village, but nary a peep of protest outside any of the Afro-American churches in South LA or outside any of the Pentecostal iglesias in the barrio.

But happily, the chickens are about to come home to roost. Because there's one other thing I forgot to mention about Fresno. It has a big, big Latino population.

Stay tuned. Should be interesting.

Note: regarding the "bite my pillow" bit. Watch this:

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