"Naked Scrabble" was to get your attention. It has no bearing whatsoever on what is to follow.

Which is, in a nutshell, scrabble as a vehicle for tragedy. I never knew that scrabble could be tragic. Until I watched this short film.

That ending stays with you, doesn't it?

And never forget, scrabble is a religion....

scrabble is a religion

The brains behind that video is Liz Dubelman, who is somehow connected to Dan & Vickie Dubelman, the husband and wife team that comprise the musical group, Betty Dylan. Betty Dylan is the Americana version of Sonny and Cher. I emailed Liz....

betty dylan email

The song to which I'm referring in the email is entitled "Farewell Show." There's a snippet of it in the movie. Here's the full version...

And for those of you who have never seen Betty Dylan in action (that's practically everyone in the human race), here they are butchering the BeeGees.....

A Better Place - a play about six dogs and the things a dog has to do to dodge the Grim Reaper by Dale Andersen

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