This has got to be the biggest and grandest ego-booster of them all.

Let me start this way. You write a play and it gets produced and people come up afterwards and tell you how "lovely" or "touching" or "revealing" it was. Sometimes they even use words like "breathtaking" or "magical." But seldom will you get someone who tells you that your play changed his life. Or that he made a life-choice based upon your play.

I'll wager even the top playwrights rarely (if ever) get someone who tells them, "Your play changed my life."

Last September, out of the blue, I got an email from a young lady who performed in one of my productions. She told me, because of my play, she decided not to abort her baby. She wanted to thank me. Here's the email.

cindy email

It speaks for itself.

And the message it carries is more valuable than money or fame.

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Anonymous said...


congratulations. There is no other greater compliment.

Your work is complete.


playwrighter said...

Yeah. I agree. The play had a purpose.

MentalOrgasm.Org said...

NICE JOB!!! Abortion is for the weak, lazy, and just plain selfish. I think any abortion after your first should be a crime and require you be sterilized. There are far too many people in general on planet earth and the last thing we need are unwanted kids who will grow up to hate everything around them. Adoption is also an option that should be considered...

playwrighter said...

Thank you, Mental Org. I am very proud of that play...